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Traditional Irish Gaelic Children's Songs is a complete source for eleven traditional Irish songs that are fun and easy to learn, for adults as well as children. Learning these songs can also help build vocabulary for anyone just starting to learn the Irish language. The book offers many tools for learning each song thoroughly, including:

  • Full lyrics and full translations for each song
  • Outline drawings for each song that kids can color in
  • A pronunciation guide for the language
  • Instructions for games to play with two of the songs
  • An annotated list of other sources for learning each song in this book, as well as other Gaelic songs
  • Sheet music for each song
  • A CD featuring each song sung in the traditional style by an award-winning Gaelic singer"

    Suantraighe is a collection of Celtic lullabies, including traditional lullabies in Irish, Manx, and Scottish Gaelic, and in Welsh. It also includes an original lullaby Caera has written in the Irish language, and one poem from early medieval Irish literature, in Old Irish, which she has set to music with voice and harp. Full lyrics and translations are included.

    ist le mo Scal (Listen to my Story) is a collection of original songs, written and arranged by Caera and performed in English and in Irish. This album shows Caera's growth since her first albums in 2004, as a songwriter, composer, arranger, and harper. It features songs about Caera's personal experiences, including child abuse and other domestic violence, sexual assault, homelessness, family alcoholism, and other potent issues in the lives of many people. It also features songs from Caera's spiritual side, which are not specific to any one religion, but show the strength to move through these issues and see the beauty available in life.

    Music CDs

    Wake the Dragon contains Caera's first recording project as part of the band Mr Gwyddelig. This album contains historical, traditional, and original music, in Welsh, Irish, Scottish Gaelic, and Middle French (circa 1555), as well as English. Original songs are in Welsh and English. Full lyrics, translations, and notes for each song are included in the packaging. All songs were recorded live and acoustic, with one or two voices accompanied by Celtic harps.

    Through Misty Air is Caera's solo debut. This album is a combination of traditional and original songs in both English and Irish (yes, that includes original songs in Irish Gaelic). Full lyrics, translations, and notes for each song are included in the packaging. All songs on this album were recorded live and acoustic, using only instruments that would have been available in the Celtic countries during the Middle Ages and Renaissance.

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    Through Misty Air

    Caera - Through Misty Air
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    Mr Gwyddelig - Wake the Dragon

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    Caera - ist Le Mo Scal
    Traditional Irish Gaelic Children's Songs

    Caera - Traditional Irish Gaelic Children's Songs


    Caera - Suantraighe